Steve Lilly
portrait artist

Stevelilart Portrait Artist
 Talking Pictures TV Official Artist              Dad's Army Museum Artist In Residence

collectable art and commissions
Steve Lilly (stevelilart) is a portrait artist from Birmingham UK who specialises in portraits of famous British comedy acts. He is the Official Talking Pictures TV ArtistThe Dad's Army Museum (Artist in Residence) and works with the Laurel and Hardy Museum, The Homefront Museum and a number of comedy fan clubs including On The Buses (Depot Artist in Residence), Hi, De, Hi!, Carry On and Steptoe and Son supplying them with exclusive commissions, original artwork and a range of merchandise. His work has also been showcased by the Grand Order of Water Rats, The National Trust, Birmingham Comedy Festival, Black Country Living Museum and The Heritage Foundation. Stevelilart is now the Art4Nature Official Artist.

Steve is now becoming a very collectable artist with many of his works in private collections. Steve’s art has received praise from figures within the comedy and horror industry with work being showcased by numerous groups and fan clubs as far away as New Zealand and America.  

Every portrait is created with meticulous attention to detail and is built up over many, many hours by carefully blending layers of finely laid pencil. "I really strive to capture the expressions and mannerisms that are so characteristic of the great comedians I am trying to portray. I’m not just looking for a likeness but an essence unique to each character that will bring them to life on the paper. I think I owe these fantastic actors something for all the fun and laughter they have brought to me over the years." 

Steve Lilly with artwork
Me and my wares
Photo courtesy of Kev Maslin

Laurel and Hardy, Towed in a Hole artwork by Steve Lilly



Art4Nature Birds of Prey artwork by Steve Lilly
Peter Cushing artwork by Steve Lilly
Jeffery Holland with Hi, De, Hi artwork created by Steve Lilly
Dad's Army 50th Anniversary portrait by Steve Lilly for Dad's Army Museum
Hi Steve, the print arrived safely and is extraordinarily good; it was one of those all too rare wow moments when I unrolled it, and the image makes me smile each time I look at it. You have captured Eric and Ernie so very well.........Robin McIntyre
Talking Pictures TV Official Artist Steve Lilly


"I think your work is quite excellent. Congratulations." David Croft OBE, co-creator of Dad's Army

"We love working with Steve! Apart from the fact that his work is sublime-certainly the best pencil drawings of the Dad's Army cast that we have ever seen, he is a genuinely lovely guy, who still gets embarrassed when we tell him how wonderful his work is. We have formed a brilliant working relationship with Steve and class him as very much part of our very successful team." Corinne Fulford, Charles Burrell & Dad's Army Museums

"Each portrait is remarkable not only for the artistic skill involved, but also for how it manages to capture so perfectly the expressions and mannerisms which bring each character to life" Jacqui Gray (The Journal) 

The 2nd most popular event of last years festival was ... Steve Lilly! Beaten by John Bishop ... and beating the Hairy Bikers! ...(This was based on unique visitors to the official festival website)....Dave Freak (Birmingham Comedy Festival Organiser).